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Everything we do, say, and tolerate is a direct representation of what we believe to be true about ourselves. This includes our appearance, traits, responsibilities, and abilities. Identity determines everything! I empower my clients to take back their power, by determining which parts of the story in their heads actually belong to them and which were given to them by someone else. Identity formation is the basis for all the decisions you will make for your life from here onward - unapologetically, fearlessly, full of self-expression, and oozing with self-love.


Achieved when the way you spend your time aligns with the convictions you feel within.


Your bliss exists so that you might follow it. Chase the experiences that give your life meaning.


Energy flows where attention goes. Personal development requires strategic planning & follow through.

Whether you need the guts to chase a dream, help redesigning your current lifestyle, or are tired of pleasing everyone but yourself, the answers that you seek are within. Your internal compass directs you if you will listen. Allow your authentic identity to take shape and create an abundant life.

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Book a free no-obligation discovery call to ask any questions you may have about my signature programs, and determine which is the best fit for you. Are you “all over the place” and not even sure what your immediate needs are? Take advantage of this opportunity for me to help you organize those thoughts and map out your next steps.


Life doesn’t have to be this perpetual struggle between what you really want and what you’ve been obligated to do. You can have time freedom, love freedom, freedom of expression and even financial freedom – doing all the things with which you align! Stop settling for less than you deserve.

Get started with a free no-obligation call today.

My coaching programs were designed for you if any of the following apply.

As it pertains to the truth:

As it pertains to decision making:

Live in Your Complete Power & Truth

When you enroll in my 9-week Private 1:1 Coaching Experience

I’ve put my all into designing these two programs for your transformative benefit. You have the opportunity to walk away with an entirely new perspective of yourself – and a brand new life. It’s both a spiritual experience and a practical one.

Enjoy 9 weeks of guided self-work and 3 weeks of transitional support. Each program begins with a deep self-discovery experience and ends in absolute self-mastery. Come face-to-face with the you that has been hiding or write a new and improved self-narrative. Get to the root of your resistance to change, in spite of the strength of your desires. Uncover the secrets of your past that have hindered your growth and caused you to shrink. Do the work. Trust the process, fully bloom and finally transform your life forever.

Premium Lifestyles by Juanita Michelle


Purely True, Purely You

Finally master saying how you truly feel without bails of anxiety and regret. Conquer your fear of rejection and fall madly in love with self-expression.

The Power to Choose

Finally act on those incredible ideas, build confidence in your God-given abilities, and align with what you truly believe!

Carmelo Anthony

Every morning you have two choices: Continue to sleep on your dreams or wake up and chase them.

Carmelo Anthony

10x NBA All Star

Other ways to work with me

I’m here to support you through your unique discovery process. Let’s build a plan that works for you. Perfect for repeat clients or those with unique pre-determined targets.

Pay per call

$ 120 Session
  • As needed
  • 1 hr
  • Transition or discover new targets
  • Based on availability

3-month Program

Invest Your Way: One-Time (save) or Monthly (pace)
  • Recurring sessions
  • 1 hr/wk + Email/Text Support
  • Lasting Results
  • Based on availability

6-month Program

Invest Your Way: One-Time (save) or Monthly (pace)
  • Relationship
  • 1 hr/wk + Email/Text Support
  • Lifestyle Transformation
  • Based on availability

If the qualifications of the person you are working with are important to you...

...Here's that great wall of credentials I mentioned in my story.

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