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The Beginner's Guide to
The People Pleaser's Playbook

Designed specifically for people-pleasers and people-pleasing behaviors. Dive into this playbook to find my 5-step formula for resisting external pressures and making bold personal decisions. Learn how to care less and demand more, respectfully. Apply this formula daily and watch a wonderful new reality filled with freedom unfold.


Wait For It (Literally)

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Take Your Life Back

NEVER let your struggle become your identity.
Life is happening "for" you not "to" you.
10% of your life is what happens to you.
The other 90 is your opportunity to ask "Why me?",
"What's the lesson?" and "How does this lesson get me closer to my next level?" Don't just go through things, grow through things. This easy-to-follow yet transformational 10-day journey will LOVINGLY walk you through steps you can take RIGHT NOW to begin viewing this MAGESTIC life experience in a more beautiful, freeing and empowering way! Say goodbye to your regrets, find your peace within and change your identity to prosperity!

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