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I like to think of coaching as a gift – someone who has knowledge and expertise in a subject area, who doesn’t just use it for him/herself, but chooses to share it with others. A coach then, is a professional or expert in their designated area of life or work, who provides a structured experience for others who seek to also become experts in their own right.

A coach helps you to positively transform your outlook, improve performance and productivity and form life-long habits for more of the same.

Life coaching clients are people who are serious about change. They realize they have been unable to accomplish it on their own and are ready to invest in themselves. It’s really simple. 

It is not. While some life coaches do have therapeutic skills, it’s important to remember that a coach is anyone who has mastered a skill and can coach others toward the same. A life coach can therefore be a Master of Finance, fitness guru or even a mother. Therapists on the other hand are by definition – mental health professionals – who undergo rigorous training in psychology, human behavior, mental health, sociology and other social science dynamics. Therapists are also certified by a board in their respective countries or states to practice. I am not a therapist, but I have been licensed in the state of Maryland (U.S.) and in England (U.K.) to carry out generalist social work practice. This basically means that I am trained in individual and group counselling techniques, psychopathology, family and consumer sciences, and theories of psychology and sociology. I am qualified to advise on same and to provide due care for all populations.

There are three answers to this question. 

  1. We need support every day of our lives. Even I as a coach, am in need of all types of support on a regular basis. Take it from a self-proclaimed loner. The journey is so much more rich when you have strong emotional support. I’d therefore like to suggest to you that now is always a good time to seek help, especially in times of need.
  2. The next best time to seek support is when you’ve determined in your mind that you need more. A strong cue is when your current situation feels like a dead end – like your journey is coming to an end and it’s time for a new one to begin. A life coach can help you find and navigate new territory. 
  3. Another great time to seek help is when you begin to feel that there aren’t any more options; like you’ve exhausted all of your efforts and don’t know what should come next. A life coach will help you discover just how many options there are!

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