Juanita Michelle

I'm Juanita Michelle
& I am a Life Reinvention Coach.

Because who you think you are and where you think you belong, determines everything.

Consider me a Certified Rebel with a cause, which is to give spiritual guidance to aspiring rebels.

Yes, you can and should have it your way. No, you’re not wrong for believing this.

My gift is to facilitate your rebirth…

… Whether that’s to a previous state of being or one that’s newly discovered.

I’m here to help you fall in love with self-expression.

And empower you to do with your own life, what feels right to YOU!

So kinfolk, what other-imposed expectations can I help you break free from today?

My Life

Who is Juanita Michelle?

I’m that girl that will try (just about) everything.
I love to travel. Xenophile for sure.
Did someone say food? No? Ok maybe those were just my foodie thoughts.
I love going to the movies alone.
Grabbing sushi with a bottle of white wine.
I am also a workout and wellness fanatic.
My favorite color is green and a second close is pink. I wonder if you could tell. 
I like skyline city views, so give me Miami nights… give me lux anyplace I can live the high life…
I’m West Indian born and raised; so my melanin is sorta poppin’ (wink) because it’s drenched in feisty heritage.
I’m a down to earth, light hearted gal, who no matter what the situation, can always find the brighter side.
I’m a modest girl with very big ambitions.
Everything I do, I do it well and completely.
Even if I have to learn from scratch, fall on my face a few times, and buffer the process until it shines.
I love my friends (family) with everything.
I strongly believe in the power of relationships.
I believe in blissful, reciprocal, eternal love.
I am Quite the optimist.
I really do love (all of) myself.
And I just want for you to know and love yourself just the same.

Juanita Michelle

Rolling the dice...

For the first time in my life

Have you ever been faced with a life threatening situation, survive, but then be left wondering “just what have I been doing with my life?” I have. My brush with death happened 4 years ago during a hurricane whose miles per hour flew past the hurricane wind scale. Sitting in our home and watching water pour inside from above (through the battered roof) and below (tidal waves coming in through the window) I was convinced for 5 of the world’s longest 1440 minutes that we would certainly drown. And then a few months later – a Peruvian earthquake followed by a regional tsunami watch – ended in my very first panic attack. Oh joy!

Here’s the thing. The truth is that I had been unraveling for some time. My life was not what it could be. Before all this I was not happy and I was living for everyone but me. Sometimes the urge to change comes rushing in like a crashing wave and that’s exactly what happened. After our family home was partly destroyed, I decided that I would use this as an opportunity to finally find my own way. This move was deliberate because I knew that the comfort and financial convenience of home would keep me right where I was – miserable, stifled, unfulfilled but not motivated enough to change anything. You see, I’d done what everyone says you should do. I’d remained active in church. I’d been an A1 student, with three college degrees and now a good government job. I even had a company cellular because my role was that important which came with a whole lot of respect from my community. Yet, I hated that I woke up every day to search for passion in a passionless, sacrificial situation. In all of my roles, I was needed but not served. So I decided to give up a great salary to go find and be me. Crazy right? No security. No backup plan. I just needed to be free for ONCE in my life. I still remember what I told myself the day I decided to resign, which in a nutshell was from hereon I refuse to do anything I don’t want to do, or be anywhere I don’t want to be. That’s it and that’s all. Let’s just see what that looks like. I figured some folk would be mad by my sudden withdrawal but guess what, they’ve been alright.

After I left, I took one full month off from working and got in touch with the divine. In other words, I took time to enjoy waking up to my body’s natural rhythm. I read books, meditated, lived quietly and I listened. I listened for the voice of God… for a move of the spirit. So why a month? Well here’s the thing. I’d realized that before then, I had never just been with myself and if you’re honest you’ve probably never been either. If I wasn’t studying, I was trying to get enrolled in somebody’s college, or working, or looking for work or a combination of two. Move after move after move. How does one determine their alignment if they’ve never taken a moment to just ask, “Is this how I am to live?” And I won’t lie. I was 30 at the time, and it felt like I was marching full speed in reverse. I mean… did I really want to start all over, by leaving this job I studied for 7.5 years for? There’s this thing called intuition that baby when you know, you just know. And if ever you feel in your own spirit you’re destined for more, it’s because you are destined for more! I got out there – unsure as I was – and I used my transition from employee of the man to self-governed WOman, as a means to minister to people who were likely experiencing the same conflicts I was.

Two years later the evidence is clear. So many people have been waiting to hear my story and my message for them to be changed. I started a self-mastery movement and life coaching business without any prior business skills. (To be clear, I instead paid thousands of dollars for on-the-job training). I’m now a firm believer that you can learn anything. I’ve been a speaker and asked to be a full time talk-show host, just on the strength of trying out YouTube motivational speaking. I mean… so much evidence, and all I took was one step… followed by another… and it all comes together in the end. This is the magic that happens when you stop playing small and you ditch the mask, I have been so happy to learn! Many people have asked, “Well are you just not going to practice Social Work anymore?” Are you kidding me? That’s my foundation. For sure! I’m practicing Social Work, Spiritual Healing, Motivational Speaking, Content Creation… I mean shall I go on? I simply removed the limits. That’s it and that’s all.

Beloved, I am so ready to hold you by the hand, look you in the eyes and say honey let’s follow your bliss. What is your JUSH?! What’s most important to YOU? What’s the vision you’ve been seeing? Let’s unveil it! Your life is for a good time, not a long time, so enjoy it!!! These are all precious gifts we just simply mustn’t take for granted. You are a piece of an extraordinary puzzle in which you will not fit, if you try to distort or shrink yourself for the good of others. Of course, many have tried to censor me and limit me… like my family, my peers, our society, the church… All people that love me – but who might sometimes love me incorrectly. It’s not been a walk in the park defending my personal territory, but no-one has managed to silence the voice of God within me, which tells me I am who I am and every dream can be fulfilled. Walk with me, to a place called “ultimate destiny”. The shrinking stops today. The limitations end here. Be done with living small… with accommodating everyone but your SELF. Let’s make the rest of your life happen!

Juanita Michelle

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